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Our recommendations in Strasbourg!

What to do in Strasbourg? Where to eat in Strasbourg? The best restaurants in Strasbourg for wine, beer, cheese, sweets, and more!

Hey dear space and time travelers!

We had such a great experience together! Here are my recommendations for dishes, restaurants, wines, beers, cheeses, as well as what to do after the tour. Don't forget that we also offer a Free Tour in Colmar, a Free Tour of Mysteries and Legends, and you can book directly in our whatsapp chat!


Choucroute aux trois poissons (3 fish) Jarret/Jamboneau (Ham hock) Tartes flambées (Flammekueche)

Where? In the restaurants:

Au Brasseur https://goo.gl/maps/Lj4MvqsUFpqLCzcv9

Le Baeckhoffe (Petite France)

La corde à ligne (Where the tour ends)

Flam's (Rue des Frères)

When you've had enough Alsatian dishes, remember that there are many other places for international food at good prices along Grand Rue.


Schutzenberger, Beldorf, Amer, Fisher, Christmas Beer also in season.

Where? Shop here: Le village de la bière (Rue des Frères) in front of Flam's

Terraces: Place Austerlitz or Bar Atlántico -little boat on the Ill river-


Pinot noir (Red/Rose)

Riesling (Dry)

Gewurtztremminer (Sweet)

Muscat (Light and fragrant)

Crémant alsacienne (Sparkling)

Where? L'Alsace à Boire +33 3 90 00 21 61 https://maps.app.goo.gl/PmgcuLnsTKe8RpHY7

More? Cocktails Bar: L'alchimist https://g.page/baralchimiste?share

Even more alcohol? Okey! Cheers! You have Black & Wine Bar



-Munster -Moule des Vosges -Moule de tarentesse

Buying them? In the Cave de affinage de Riquewhir Tasting them? In En la cloche à fromage! or Le Grand Cru (fondue and raclette)

SWEETS: At the Maison alsacienne de la biscuiterie, but if you're still craving the best Alsatian chocolates, complete that diabetic coma at Jacques Bockel's Chocolaterie.


To complete your visit, I recommend our Free Tour of the Imperial and European Districts, where we will delve into the history of wars and reconciliation and visit the European Parliament, Council of Europe, and Human Rights Court, as well as the beautiful Parc de l'orangerie with its storks!

On your own, you can explore Rue 22 Novembre and continue straight towards the squares:

  1. Place Klebér
  2. Place Broglie
  3. Ópera du Rhin
  4. Place République (German Imperial District)
  5. Church of Saint Paul (Protestant)

Visits to the interior of the parliament can only be made outside plenary session periods. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturdays with a break between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. But with our Free Tour of the Imperial German District and European Parliament, we visit the surrounding areas every day and more...


If you're interested in even more obscure events and places in this magnificent city, visit the Tourisme Office page and you will have events for this week! and fall in love with this city like no other.

In the coming days, you can do the wine route and visit the wonderful villages that inspired Beauty and the Beast as well as other charming places 

"I'll give you the TOP 5 according to the more than 25,000 tourists we've received: Ribeauvillé, Haut-Kœnigsbourg Castle, Eguisheim, Kayserberg (my favorite), Riquewhir. And of course COLMAR! Where we have our freetour and we recommend you book here https://ligtos.com/en/free-tour-of-colmar

Did you know that leaving 5 stars here can turn into thousands more trips for you... 5 little stars are the best memory here: https://g.page/r/CbOkrnCzpBOyEBM/review

Have a great trip! May life bring us together again!

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